What is FSO?

Free Space Optics Communication links(FSO) is a technology that employs coherent laser beams via a line of sight optical bandwidth connection to carry data, video or voice communications across areas ranging typically from 50m to a few kilometres at throughput bandwidths up to Gigabytes per seconds, typically, in the Infra-Red spectrum. The technology is useful where the physical connections are impractical due to high costs or other considerations. Utilizing FSO wireless links:
- Guarantees the security of the link
- Eliminates the need to secure licensing found with RF signal solutions
- Excludes expensive costs of placing fibre optic cable for high-speed connections; principally the

concept of transferring data via light is the same as with fibre optics just through a different medium.
The basis of Free Space Optics communication is rather straightforward with a pair of transceiver units housing an optical receiver and transmitter, enabling the sending and receiving of data concurrently. The unit at one location transmits a beam of focused light carrying the information directly at the unit at the receiving location.